Horses In Training 2020 - 21

The table below shows a list of all Laura’s Horses in Training for the current season. You can sort the table by clicking on each heading and by clicking on a horses name it will open a more detailed statistics page for that horse.

If viewing on a mobile turn the screen sideways to see more data.

J'Ai FroidMrs K Bromley45130£20,461£20,111+12.75
Fire AwayThe Stagger Inn33127£18,454£18,454+2.90
OverworkdunderpaidScott Townshend34125£11,599£10,722+8.70
Big PennyThe Rann Family26127£10,780£6,563*11.50
Socialist AgendaJames Fyffe & Scot Fyffe33118£7,863£7,863+11.80
Against All OddsMr & Mrs W J Williams14111£6,643£3,769+0.33
LicklighterPaul L Read12125£5,815£3,964+2.33
Beautiful BenAlan R Lyons18115£5,169£2,989-3.00
Gold FieldsMrs Marian Pepperdine1397£4,950£3,924+20.00
Skipping OnTriumph In Mind15116£4,789£2,989+3.50
HasankeyThe Hanky Panky Partnership08120£4,1790-8.00
Dom PerryIan Guise11104£3,249£3,429+5.50
TardreeBennett & O'Brien13106£3,219£2,274+1.50
Thomas ToddBurton, Copley & Todd13119£7,089£4,684+1.50
Cesar CollongesThe Stagger Inn04116£2,2390-4.00
Taras DayMrs Helen Harvey11120£2,361£2,361+11.00
Here We Have ItHanbury & Fretwell02116£1,7740-2.00
Cavalry ScoutMrs Marian Pepperdine0284£1,2590-2.00
UbetyaAnthony Barney01138£1,0160-1.00
MotaraabetRobert Jenkinson06100£8650-6.00
HasaabRoemex Ltd0474£3500-4.00
More MusicMiss Laura Morgan0568£3500-5.00
BioverdiaPardy & Gray0283£2770-2.00
Supreme YeatsAnthony Barney01102£2390-1.00
AlkanadaMrs A M Williams016400-1.00
Bold LeaderMiss Laura Morgan011200-1.00
For Fitz SakeMrs A M Williams017300-1.00
The Lincoln LawyerThe Brothers Grimm027800-2.00
Wheres Maud GoneAnthony Barney11118£5,393£5,393+0.53